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Liam as a drawing


I am a designer and educator based in Åårhus, passionate about making tools and environments that empower learners of all ages to make the world a more playful, equitable, and sustainable place.


I’m managing a community radio station called Sydhavnsbølgen, putting on events, renovating a house, and eating as many distinct species as possible before 21/4/2024, and designing playful learning interfaces at JoyLabz.

I’m not currently accepting work, but soon I’ll be back consulting and facilitating workshops


I used to work at the LEGO Foundation where I ran the LEGO Idea Studio, designing tools and running workshops to help NGOs understand playful learning through hands-on experiences. I also advised on program design and lead efforts to build a peer learning community within the LEGO Foundation.

Before LEGO, I ran the online presence of Makey Makey, developing content, managing customer and technical support, and building a user generated content platform. I also founded and ran an Agile Learning Center for self-directed learners aged 14-18 called Endor.