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The Nilsen Museum is all the work I’m doing now. It’s a one person design and consulting firm specializing in creativity, play, and learning.
I work with adults on things like program and product design, and I work with kids on things like co-designing new ways to ignite interest-driven learning.
My whole career (or more accurately, my whole life) has revolved around building and supporting communities of interest-driven learning. From my childhood as an unschooled self-directed learner, to starting an agile learning center, to teaching the principles of creative learning at the LEGO Foundation, my driving force has been to create a more just and equitable world through communities of people teaching and learning from one another.


The 21st century is collaborative. Don’t preach at; play with.
I support the development of products, services, and events by putting a focus on user meaning-making through play and creativity.

What that means is empowering event attendees to co-create their experience; making tools for users to utilize in new and unexpected ways; for colleagues to have the tools they need to build a culture of reflection and learning.


Workshops weave through play, reflective discussion, and a little lecturing to give attendees an embodied experience of constructionist learning and the power of designing for user-agency.

Workshops primarily focus on play and everything that happens therein. The activities and workshop goals facilitate toward a balance of frustration and accomplishment.

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