Let’s work together

I work to support people at the intersection of creativity, learning, and communication by designing creative learning experiences, managing programs, building relationships, and engaging communities.

I am always looking for new formats to work in that make the world a more playful and participatory place. Here you can find some formats I’ve worked with in the past, but keep in mind I’m always up for designing new solutions for your context.

Design for playful learning means making “objects to think with.”
Blocks create a playable interface with gravity for toddlers that are building their first mental models of the world. My design work builds on building blocks to create playable interfaces with complex ideas.

I make play materials and guidebooks that empower people to make creative choices and learn through playful exploration.

All communities, be they workplaces or makerspaces, are learning communities; but they’re not created equal. The culture of every community can evolve to be more participatory, equitable, playful, and creative. I have worked with many organizations to create tools and cultivate a culture of learning and cooperation.

The 21st century is collaborative. Don’t preach at; play with.
I design and facilitate workshops and events that give people a context to play and explore new tools and mediums. Play promotes deeper learning, strengthening social ties, and stimulates creative thinking.

Recent and upcoming workshops and talks

Playful Learning and Sustainable Energy | Cambridge MA | July 7-8 2023
– Workshop: TBA

Playful Schools Conference | Broadcast | March 28 2023
– Workshop: Playing Together at a Distance

Reinventing Learning | Boulder CO | 14-17 Oct 2022
– Workshop: Gameshifting

Playful Schools Conference | Online | 10 Feb 2022
– Workshop: The Pedagogy of Karaoke, Ironic Armor in Introductory Experiences

Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting | Copenhagen, DK | 1 Sep 2021
– Workshop: Playing with the Sun w/ Amos Blanton

NEXT Library Conference | Aarhus, DK | Jun 2021
– Workshop: Creative learning through tinkering with analogue video equipment

Dokk1 Creative Learning Research Group | Aarhus, DK | May 2021
– Workshop: Stop Animation Microworlds with TinkerQube

Wonderful Idea Co. World Tour | Online | May 2021
– Talk: Presentation on outdoor tinkering

Computer Clubhouse | Online | Mar 2021
– Workshop: Creating and animating self portraits with prized objects (with the Tinkering Studio and Lifelong Kindergarten)

Recent collaborations