“This is genius. This is brilliant.”
– Andy Breckman


Liamorra is a lot like Rock, Paper, Scissors for 3+ people.
On the count of three, all players put their hands together and raise 0-5 fingers.
The player with the highest unique number1 wins. In the event of a tie, play again.

Adjust the highest2 number depending on the number of players.

1A “unique number” is a number that appears only once.
Example: If the numbers played are 5, 5, 3, and 1, then the player who played 3 wins. 5 is a higher number, but since there are two 5s they are not unique. 3 is the highest unique number.

2 I once ran this game for aprox. 100 people at Not Back To School Camp. The maximum number was 100. It worked by assigning each person an accountabilibuddy, and having each player shout their number out loud at the same moment. Then, I asked all the people who chose 100 to raise their hand, then the 99s, then the 98s, etc. until there was only one person with their hand up. Accountabilibuddies made sure their partner didn’t lie about their number.


In my memory, I invented this game as a child. Since becoming an adult I’ve learned that others have also invented this game – and in fact, some people play what really is a better version of the game where the goal is to have the lowest unique number. The benefit of flipping the goal to lowest unique number instead of highest unique number is that the game scales to an infinite number of players without having to change the maximum number.

The game got its name from game designer Ethan Mitchell (of Mad Sheep Games), who mixed my name “Liam” with the ancient Roman game “Morra.”

It Dies with Me

On 22 February, 2017, the hit WFMU call-in show Seven Second Delay with Ken and Andy asked listeners to call the show and pitch game ideas.
I called and explained Liamorra. Cohost Andy Breckman liked the idea and later licensed it for the game It Dies With Me, produced by his company Uncle Andy’s Toys.
If you want to hear the pitch, it starts at about 40 minutes in.

bookmark_borderWhistle Wrestling

Whistle Wrestling


Whistle Wrestling is a game played by two players.

Players whistle simultaneously, sustaining their notes for the duration of one turn, about 2 seconds. Both notes must start simultaneously, and both notes must be sustained for the whole turn without bending or changing into another note.
If neither player has won, the next turn begins and both players whistle a new note.
One player, or a third person, points back and forth between the two players each turn. The player who is being pointed at is the “active” player.

Some players clap or slap their thy to keep a beat for the players to whistle to.

When both players whistle the same note on the same turn, the active player wins.

You cannot score on the first turn.
Standard rules are that whistling in two different octaves still counts as the same note, but players can set their own rules regarding octaves.
Standard rules are that play is at 40bpm, but players can set their own rhythm.
Humming, singing, or musical instruments can be used in place of whistling.


Here’s a short visual guide to Whistle Wrestling.


World Champions

The 2021 world championship will be held in Åårhus on 4. December. See the facebook event here.

Past world champions

  • 2020 World Champion, Peter Bakker