bookmark_borderWedding Quilt

My dear friend Liam is getting married this year.

For all three of Liam’s mother’s kids weddings, ____ has made a quilt for her kids and their new spouses, given at their respective weddings.

What’s so special about these quilts is that all the quilt squares are made by the couple’s friends.

I just finished the quilt square I am contributing, here it is sitting on the counter at the post office, preparing for its journey across the Atlantic.

It was inspired by a hexagon quilt my grandmother made*, the game the Settlers of Catan – and the Pennsylvania countryside.

I finished this project with a renewed interest in quilting.

*stay tuned for a picture


One of my housemates, the only one who smokes, kept smoking outside in the nice little nook by the front door and leaving her cigarette butts just flat on the table.

So I made an ashtray and put it out there.  And now it’s full, and I fear she will never clean it out.

It will be interesting to see how high it piles up.

March 24th

The shape was inspired by an ashtray Lloyd Wright made of cast cement.